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RIVION is maintenance and home repair offering company. We service vehicles, all appliances as well as construction and repair services.
If you have a work at home, for which you need our help, please contact us and we will take care.
Our service is quick and good in quality .
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We will soon begin to offer car tire repairs, changes, balancing and tires sales! Tires can already be ordered.
A range of tires from such companies as: Hankook, Hankang, Sonar, Habilead, Racealone, Kebek, Invovic, Firemax, Doublestar, Dunlop, Roadstone and Wolf.
Tire change and balancing with limited time offer € 37.2 (including VAT). Also tire wash avaliable if needed.
Prices are CHEAP!
Contact and ask for a price offer.


At home, there is always something to do, but maybe you do not have the time for them . We do all kinds of household work, from creaky cabinet doors and larger home renovations to splitting firewood and mowing the lawn.


Is there something wrong with the car, but you do not know what? We can come to you, find and repair the faults. You do not need to take your car to the workshop for a long time.


Electronic devices often break. However there is no point to throw the devices immediately away and buy expensive new replacements. Generally, defects are easily repairable.


Is there something wrong with your bike? Is the ATV-s clutch passed? If necessary, we will check the condition of your machine and replace everything necessary, so that your leisure time would go smoothly.


We use the computer every day, but soon they slow down and start to overheat. We will clean your machine, and do everything needed, so that your everyday usage would go without a hitch.